“I will always be someone who believes in serving my state, my country. Let’s leave fingerprints we can be proud of.”

What qualifies me to run for Montana Secretary of State?




As we’ve all watched the political horizon in our country this year, one thing becomes very clear to me… we’re all seriously tired, fed up and concerned about our future. Our country has been going down the wrong path for years and now it’s time to pay for our mistakes. Our country needs honest leadership. Leadership that’s not afraid to stand up for our convictions. Leadership that will always do the right thing, no matter the personal consequences. Leadership that knows how small business works, and needs to continue to work. Leadership that not only lives, but breathes in protecting the great heritage of our outdoors.

As we all understand, we can’t change our country's problems overnight, but we can change our individual opportunities by voting in the right person for the job. Let’s seriously change our country, and “Our Country…is Montana”.

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