One of Montana’s competitive advantages is our vast agricultural and ranch land. Not only is our heritage tied to the land, but our future will be blessed by it. As the world population continues to grow, and food distribution technologies continue to improve, we are poised to provide world-class food products to a world-wide market. I strongly support the farming and ranching lifestyle and see tremendous opportunity in manufacturing (value-added) agricultural products. I served on the Montana senate Agriculture committee for years and I enjoy promoting and protecting the lifestyles of those who feed the rest of us.


What things we control in this world, we control with our minds. The most precious gift we collectively give our children is education. Education is the great equalizer in our society, and we should embrace all forms and distribution methods of teaching. The greatness of America lies in our creative abilities to invent, manufacture and market new ideas and products. These all come from a quality education available to everyone. The correlation between economic wealth and education is undeniable. I support early and ambitious education for our children, teenagers, and college students.

National Debt

America is trillions of dollars in debt, and Washington D.C.’s politicians use their position to convince Americans that somehow we need more debt. This is epic failure and endangers our national security and our ability to compete in a world economy. We need to reduce our national debt now. America’s rise to greatness last century was tied to the United States loaning money to other countries—not vice versa. Washington is mortgaging the futures of America’s children and grandchildren and it cannot be allowed to continue.

Jobs for Montana

Meaningful creation of jobs comes from the private sector. The fundamental conflict occurring in America between the major political parties is ‘scope’ of governmental intervention. Adding massive spending is not going to create sustainable jobs in Montana. Everyday I help Montanans figure out how they can afford to keep their homes, send their kids to school, and plan for retirement. But to do any of that first requires good jobs are available. I understand the worries too many families are facing,, and my focus is keeping and creating good-paying jobs here in Montana.


As a former Navy officer I will always be a close ally with all active duty military and veterans. I am an 11 year veteran myself. I received the Montana National Guard’s “Guardian of the Guard” Award in 2012 for my career of legislation on behalf of veterans. I firmly feel that we need to remain ever vigilant to threats against America, and continuously improve our readiness and abilities against those who would harm our country.

2nd Amendment

I will do everything that is in my capacity to uphold our right to bear arms. I will not support any legislation that would infringe on our Second Amendment rights.